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May 21st, 2007

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When a Laptop Adapter Is Not Working

A non-functional laptop adapter can cause big problems; especiallyif the computer’s battery is low or drained. In addition to preventingyou from getting your work done, it can also be an electrical shock orfire hazard. Troubleshooting a non-working adapter can be difficultbecause there are several factors that could be at fault if thecomputer is not getting power. If you are at the end of your rope,there are a few hints to help get your computer up and running.take for“ compaq presario v2000 ac adapter “example: such as:compaq presario v2000 ac adapter Compaq Presario V2000t AC Adapter 65W 18.5V 3.5A Description: http://www.udtek.com/compaq-presario-v2000t-ac-adapter-65w-185v-35a-p-4925.html Input : AC100-240V (worldwide use) Output : DC18.5V 3.5A Power : 65W Connecter size : Internal Diameter: 1.7mm External Diameter: 4.8mm Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord. DC means “Direct Current,” and refers to the way current flows fromthe source. Direct current is basically a continuous and steady streamof energy. The adapter that came with your laptop computer is known asan AC adapter, which converts the Alternating Current supplied by yourwall outlet into the Direct Current that is required to run yourlaptop. Alternating current does not flow as a steady stream. Cord Problems A big cause of laptop adapter failures is cord crimps. These canoccur when an office chair with casters rolls over the cord on a hardsurface. The conductor of the cord can eventually break under thestress of being rolled over. If the cord or insulation is notcompletely severed, it may not show where the short has occurred. Sincemost adapters include an LED that will light up when the device isplugged in, a good indicator that there is a short would be an unlitLED. Any time the adapter has cuts in the insulation of its cord, or isotherwise missing pieces of its insulation, it should be replacedimmediately. Bare wires carry a risk of serious or fatal shocks, aswell as possible fire hazard. Do not attempt to repair your AC adapter.Contact the laptop’s manufacturer or seller to find information about areplacement adapter. Brick Problems The portion of your adapter that does all the work is colloquiallyreferred to as the “brick.” The brick is the heavy box that sitsbetween the wall and your computer and is connected by a permanent cordand one that may be removable. The brick, for all its heft, containssome delicate components, and can be damaged fairly easily if it isdropped from a considerable height. Generally speaking, if the brickstops working, the LED that indicates power will not light. If thebrick portion of your adapter is not working, you will have to replacethe adapter. Contact your computer’s manufacturer or the seller forinformation about a replacement adapter. Computer Problems The point on your computer to which your adapter connects is notprone to failure, but, being soldered to the motherboard with littleother support, can break. If your computer only powers intermittently,or you have to “wiggle” the adapter to get power, there’s a goodpossibility that the power input on your computer has broken. This isnot an easy or quick fix; you may need to replace the entiremotherboard, depending on your computer model. A technician should beable to diagnose the problem and give you a price quote on the repair.In some cases, the computer may not be worth the price of the repair. Troubleshooting The easiest way to test your adapter is to plug it in. In additionto the adapter’s LED, there should be an additional LED on yourcomputer to indicate that the computer is getting power from theoutlet. If neither of these LEDs lights, then there is definitely apower problem. If an identical, “known good” adapter can be obtained,connect it to your computer. If the computer gets power from the newadapter, then a replacement adapter will fix the problem. If thecomputer does not get power from either adapter, there is probably anissue with the computer. At this point, it is recommended that thecomputer be brought to a PC repair technician for diagnosis. Cautions Jury-rigging should never be attempted, due to the risk of shocks,fire and damage to the computer. Do not use another computer’s adapterif it is not the same model or brand, even if it fits. Failure to matchinput and output voltages on laptop adapters could damage the computer,the adapter or both. Contact the manufacturer or the seller of yourcomputer for information about replacement adapters. Considerations If you cannot find a brand and model-specific replacement adapterfor your computer, it may be possible to purchase a universal adapter,which includes multiple, interchangeable tips. You will need to findone that matches your original adapter’s wattage, and it should alsoinclude a matching or switchable voltage output.

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