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Blackcat Jtag

July 27th, 2013

can i hack my download speed?

my net speed is 512 kbps can i make it 2 Mbps and how. i am having broadband connection .cable internet connection.

It is possible on cable but it's also illegal I wouldn't recommend doing it. IIRC you'll need something like a BlackCat JTAG interface and a config file with the faster speeds.
Just fyi there's a damn good chance your ISP will catch you out and you'll probably get in some trouble with the law, so i seriously don't recommend doing this at all. Besides this there's other technical considerations to take into account. Reading about cable modem hacking is interesting but don't do it - i can't stress this enough - and if you choose to you do so at your own risk - I've told you that it's likely illegal and that you'll likely get caught out, and not to do it so if don't have enough common sense to not do it that's your problem 😛

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