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June 7th, 2007

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Another Successful Home Based Business Created Through Carbon Copy Pro

The long awaited opening for FRPringle has now come. As of late May, 2009 the company is up and running. For the business owners, Freddie and Ruth Pringle, they are ecstatic about the new possibilities of their new company. “We have always talked about starting our own business, we just ever thought it would be feasible for people like us.” Ruth was wanting the opportunity to be a stay at home mother and raise their 2 young boys, but felt like it would not be a possibility due to the high living costs. She had been working a steady 40/hr. week job, but was let go due to some complications that caused her to miss so much work after their oldest child was born. At that point she was able to claim unemployment. During her time on unemployment she continued to search for a job, but due to the economy problems, work was hard to come by. When she came across a Carbon Copy Pro website posted by Jeff Learner, she admits to being very skeptical. Jeff’s story was compelling and stuck to her mind as she thought about the possibility that she could have that same life. Most people want to live a debt free life that is full of possibilities. This is the goal of many people in the world, yet so few achieve it.

After speaking to her husband, they decided to give it a shot. With the small amount of money that they had saved, they opened FRPringle Enterprises. This company has brought on new possibilities for Freddie and Ruth. They came from struggling to make their monthly payments to making more money in a matter of months, then they made combined in year. “The most wonderful thing about this,” states Freddie “is that anyone can do this. Anyone who wants to start their own business can do the same as we did, and have the same results. I’m surprised that more people don’t take the first step and give up before they even get their toe in the door!” Carbon Copy Pro is a way to open your own work from home business and quit your traditional 9-5 job. Through guidance from their coach and friend Jeff Learner, Freddie and Ruth’s company is now a reality.

For more information on starting your own business, Freddie and Ruth are happy to give advice and support. Their website, http://www.frpringle.com is a link into Carbon Copy Pro and starting a business of your own.




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