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December 28th, 2006

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How do you sell things at a discount on ebay?

How is it that people can offer a discount on items and sell them on ebay? How do they make any money?

There are several ways:

1. Buy bulk liquidation items such as those at Liquidation.com. The capitalization may be big, but the idea is to sell the items individually and profit from it. Or buy lot items on eBay, and break them up individually.

2. Find manufacturers of items you want to sell and buy discounted items from them

3. Make deals with retailers in your area, and offer to buy their unwanted items for deep discounts. jayandmarie - the most successful ebay seller - made deals with music stores where they will buy the entire inventory in the discounted bins, and then sold the items on ebay for 1-cent starting bid.

4. Look for possible partners on the Web, preferably outside of the US. Import items from them and sell them on ebay. There's huge profits to gain from this approach. For example, I import freshwater, Akoya and South pearls from Asia. I can get freshwater pearls for less than $1 -- and then sell it on ebay for starting price of $19.99 and they usually end around $30-50. That's very good profit.

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