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Cold Silent

August 12th, 2007

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How does each sign cope with death?

What's your moon sign and how would you or have you dealt with death?

Sun and moon please. x

The Death of Someone You Love is nothing that that can be predictable. Often the stone-cold silent type is bawling his head off. Another seems to be in a state of shock. Another is huddled in a love seat close to the casket and is frozen in time and immobile. Another is quietly weeping. Death is Closure whether one is young or old. A chapter is closed in your life. And though we know our loved one doesn't want us to cry because they are at peace, we still cry. I lost my Father five years ago and still mist up frequently when I think of something we did or something we didn't do. I am a 12th House Aquarius with Pisces Venus/Rising in First House. I wept like a baby at the funeral and cried every day for three years that followed his death. Lost thirty-five pounds. Looked haggard. Felt haggard. Very very sensitive. His death was the toughest I have dealt with and I also lost both of my dearest friends in the last three years. Cope. You just cope. And when you cannot cope you need to see your family doctor. Which I did and he put me on an anti-depressant. The crying ceased and the weight returned. I believe that there is no predictable coping mechanism when someone you love has died. I just cannot and feel I should not try to predict how someone is going to behave when they have lost a loved one. I have been to plenty of funerals over the last ten years. I have played piano for funerals when I was a church pianist. I have seen how people cope and how they are not able to cope. Death is one tough life lesson. That is why I always hug people so much. I never know if I will see them alive again. Or I might not be alive to receive their hug. Life is tenuous at best. Like holding on by a thin thread. I do not feel that, for me anyway, it does any good to try to predict how someone will act when one of their loved ones dies. I think that there is this group energy of grief that surrounds the loved ones family and friends and it is a feeling that is more cosmic in energy and overwhelms any individual astrological behavior. Twenty years ago I would have, and still could today, try to predict how each sign would behave when a loved one dies. And it is a interesting and even more, a very deep question. I just do not have that knowledge. And since I am probably closer to my mortality than most on answers, I prefer not to think about it. I have lost so many loved ones in my life. Too many. Bless all our family and loved ones.

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