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October 10th, 2006

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What it Takes to Start a Home-Based Business!

Right now during this recession and history making unemployment cycle, that this country of ours is experiencing, is the best time to consider owning your own business, after all no one will take care of you or your loved one's better than you!

Perhaps you have never really thought about what it would take to start your own business, and perhaps you think it would take a rocket scientist to do it. Well trust me, if I have done it, you can certainly do it as well. First you will need a product or a service that someone else would want or need. Then you would have to market that product or service, and basically "get the word out"! Let us not forget though, that to start a business, it takes money right!

Ten years ago I was invited to a seminar to learn how to do foreclosures and how to buy a house with little or no money down. This seminar cost me a little over 4,000.00 dollars to attend and it didn't even pay for the food or the hotel costs. I did gain a lot of knowledge and several three ring binders full of the same information that had been discussed at this particular seminar. The program name I will not disclose,

however, they promised me all kinds of support and financial sources to use while I was a paying member of this organization. Needless to say that support was always shall we say, "unavailable" no matter what day or time I tried to get the help I wanted, it just was not there. So I just gave up on it and didn't pursue it

for a couple of years. Then I decided to read all of the material that was handed out to me from the seminar I attended.

Now I can not give you an honest answer as to why it took me 2 years to get the energy, to start what I had paid dearly for in the first place. I think I just got tired of making money for other people, when I knew good and well that, no one will take better care of me than myself, right!

Then I took all of the information I could possibly absorb, and put it into steps and goals to achieve. My first goal was to not work for any company or organization. It was to work for myself, and the ones I cared about. My next goal was to try these strategies for myself and purchase a home for little or no money down. I did it in under a month and turned around and sold the property for a 12,000.00 profit.

The point I want to bring across is that no matter what business you want to do, you just have to go out and do it. "Screw it and do it", is the attitude you have to have, if you want to be in any business. The same holds true for a homebased business. Or possibly a expresso shop, restaurant, what ever you chose to do. If you decide to get into the buying and selling of foreclosure properties. Your timing could not be more

perfect then now. Right now their are more properties in foreclosure then in any time in history, and it will get worse before it gets better!

I recommend you do some research for yourself to find out what business would be suitable for you, and if you want a very valuable cost effective training course in foreclosure acquisition and sales, I am telling you now, that foreclosureutopia.com is one of the best I know of for the money, because it is free for seven days just to see if that is what you want to do!

Last but certainly not least is the fact that when you work for an employer, you put your all into making sure the job is done right. When you work for yourself, the same concept applies. You need to work for yourself, just as much as you would work for someone else! I will leave you with this thought! The seven P's is what I call it and it goes like this, Previous, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance!

Donald J. Colson


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