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March 12th, 2014

Savin Toner 2522 Gives You Good Printing Results

If you’re like most people with a computer you do a fair amount of printing, which means you go through printer toner on a regular basis. The question is have you ever actually considered whether you’re using toner that is both good for your computer and good for the environment? Probably not, but you should. Savin toners work great in a wide range of printers, and they’re also eco-friendly.

Savin toners are made from materials that can be re-used. Often when the toner in your printer runs out the components are still in nearly new condition. However, most companies and individuals simply toss the empty cartridges out. Our landfills are rapidly filling with electronic waste. This e-waste takes hundreds of years to degrade.

We absolutely must work on reducing this negative impact on the environment. Savin toners provide a wonderful opportunity to do just that. These cartridges are designed to be disassembled once emptied of toner. All of the parts can then be cleaned, re-inspected, and then re-filled with toner, thus keeping them out of those landfills. These cartridges such as the Savin Toner 2522 can then be used again and produce the top quality print that customers have come to associate with Savin products.

One of the biggest concerns people have with this type of toner cartridge is the quality of printing. With Savin toners that isn’t an issue at all. These toners produce extremely high quality print each and every time.

The actual Savin Toner 2522 weighs about a pound and will print 11,000 pages with an average 5% coverage, which is standard for printer manufacturers. The sealed cartridges can be stored for more than two years before being used because they do not contain ink which would dry up. Toner is actually a powered form of ink.

Savin toners are very cost effective because most of them can be used in both printers and copiers. It’s also suitable for use with any type of paper. Because these toners are able to print so many pages you’ll not only be saving money by refilling the cartridges, but also because you won’t have to replace or refill them nearly as often.

In many cases, Savin toners actually cost less than some of the brand name toner cartridges which, again, helps to save you and/or your company money.

If you’re interested in obtaining the highest quality toner cartridge on the market and utilizing a product whose manufacturer is working to save our planet, then Savin toners are definitely the best option available.

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