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November 30th, 2009

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Men’s leather jackets and a way to repair them

You must have seen people wearing leather jackets riding bikes. You wish to have the one like those men’s leather jackets. Why is that so? Is it because you are attracted towards men’s leather jackets? Yes this might be the reason along with the fact that men’s leather jackets have always been so attractive and stylish that no one can resist it. It is like a dream for everyone to wear men’s leather jackets. The most charismatic factor of men’s leather jackets of all kind is that they can be worn on any occasion may it be casual or formal. People are willing to pay anything for these jackets as the style is endless and extends in future fashion. No other apparel can match its quality of being versatile.

Flight leather jackets are also a type of men’s leather jackets. They were started being used by the air force of Europe in 1915. Pilots in the U.S army also started using it for the same reason. Reason was the coldness in the cockpit as the cockpits of the planes being used at that time were open having no covering. Men’s leather jackets proved to be reliable for protecting the pilot from the cold weather. Later this need became fashion in apparels. Now it is used in airplanes but not as often as before. Now men’s leather jackets have become an icon of style and fashion.

Now most of the men’s leather jackets are being produced in Karachi, Pakistan, Kanpur, India and Italy. This is because the cost of production is very low per unit in these countries and cities. This change in the cost of the men’s leather jackets has made it easy for any one to buy men’s leather jackets and full fill one’s dream.

When you buy men’s leather jackets and use it after some time as your favorite outfit starts to show some cracks on it and the perfect appearance is tarnished by those cracks. You might probably throw it because you think it is of no use. But what if you can improve the condition and restore it to be almost new. Yes you can do this with the help of few things like Scrap material, Saddle soap, Leather repair glue, Leather repair compound, Brush, Leather conditioner, 10 lb. weight. Doing this will not only save you money but also the memories linked to those men’s leather jackets.

First you need to put your jacket on the flat surface like a table and brush it to remove the dust, dirt, loose leather stripes. Then massage the jacket with saddle soap, and then let the jacket dry naturally. Apply leather repairing compound to the damaged parts only. Use leather glue on the crack to join it and put some weight on it. Let the leather glue dry by itself. Remove the scrap material. Use sand paper to remove any extra glue left on the cracks outside. Apply the leather conditioners and keep on applying that once a week. By this your men’s leather jackets will remain soft and flexible due to which there will be no more cracks formulation in future.

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