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December 13th, 2013

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suggest me a domain name, as i am afiber manifacturer and weddingplanners?

my product is related to service oriented, events orginasires, as well manufacturers. now suggest me a domain for all this products. My organisation name is veerabhadra marketing. i do wedding planning and fiber manufacturing.

hey sunil,
I don’t think you will get great help for this problem in yahoo....You have to solve this problem yourself…
first you have to find your company's most important keyword or keywords....keyword that represents your company in the correct way....probably your most important keyword is "Event" or "Management" or "Wedding" etc....

then do some keyword research.....use local keyword research as your business is focused locally....use google keyword tool for your keyword research to find most relevant and important keywords.....write "google keyword tool" in google and you will get the tool and it's free.

and for domain name suggestions try NameStall.com...it has a very interesting type of domain name suggestions tool -

this tool will create thousands of domain names and will check available. just write our keyword it the keyword field and let the tool do the rest of the job.

I am quite sure if you spend some time with any of NameStall’s domain tool you will find some great domain names for you website. But most important thing is finding your most important keyword and have some patience to find the best domain name.

Just visit NameStall for domain names and you will not be disappointed. and before that use google keyword tool to pick your keywords

Good luck brother

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