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August 5th, 2013

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Where do I find a schematic for installing a Sony car-audio head-unit?

I know most of the wiring harness kits for aftermarket stereo installation uses the same wiring colors as modern head units, but I want to be sure. And I lost the documentation for my CDX-CA710X. Search results pointed me towards brand new stereos and places that charge $5 for a schematic.
OK, my stock wiring harness is perfectly intact. I have the harness adapter that plugs into the car's harness. The adapter packaging says which wires do what, but I don't have anything like that for my head unit. I know the adapter's wires are of different colors than the car's harness, but I don't want to do any "guess and check" type stuff. That's the reason I have my current deck - I somehow managed to fry my old one because I wasn't sure which wire did what (this was two years and as many cars ago). I'm trying to avoid that this time around.

Guess nobody else understands the question. You want RADIO info, not CAR info...

OK, you have the aftermarket wire harness to connect to your factory harness. You want to connect it to your Sony wire harness. Sony has used the international wire code for car audio for years. All their radios are the same color codes with the exception of some wires possibly missing due to having speaker outputs or not. The standard SHOULD be the same as your aftermarket wire harness since they use the same standard. In case it is not here it is.

White - Left Front Positive
WhiteBlack - Left Front Negitive
Green - Left Rear Positive
GreenBlack - Left Rear Negitive
Violet - Right Rear Positive
VioletBlack - Right Rear Negitive
Grey - Right Front Positive
GreyBlack - Right Front Positive
Yellow - +12V Constant (Battery)
Red - Switched +12V (Ignition)
Black - Ground
Blue - Antenna Remote (NO amp connections)
BlueWhite - Amp Remote (If multiple amps, use relay)
OrangeWhite - Illumination (Not recommended for use)
Sky Blue - Telephone Mute (If Equipped)

Like I mentioned before, SOME of these wires may be missing. EX. If it only has a 2 channel amplified output, you might be missing the Green & Violet wires. If no amplified out, you will also be missing the White & Gray Wires. Don't recommend using the illumination since this is sometimes incompatable with car and can cause problems. Tape off all unused leads on both wire harnesses. Good luck.

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