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May 15th, 2010

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What should a 9th/10th grader be learning in home school?

What are all the things 9th/10th graders learn in home school? Like, give me a list.

Depends on the 9th/10th grader in question.

Homeschoolers are not bound by the school curriculum. Parents are allowed to take a different route.

When my daughter was in 9th grade she was unschooled. She spent most of the year creative writing and reading voraciously. She also took drama, music, and studied the arts. She also volunteered a lot, and was learing a lot of practical skills. And she had a math tutor once per week to help her with a standardized test to get into college.

In 10th grade she started community college classes, she studied sociology, world religions, English comp 1 & started sign language if memory serves correctly, and continued her volunteering and performing arts studies at home.

My son who is now 13... he'll probably continue his culinary classes next year (he's wanted to be a chef since age 4 and plans to go to a culinary school). He's really been enjoying them this year so he'll probably continue. He spent the last 3 years going through world history (unit studies) and I plan to switch him over to US history at that point. He's going to still be working on biology units and we'll continue with the language arts, math & writing skills he practices daily. And spanish. He's also planning on taking some homeschool audio/video technology courses at the community center.

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