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February 10th, 2011

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The user manual of GEVEY SIM on your iphone 4

The fist step:cuting your sim card to satisfy to the customized sim tray and leave some space to the ic chip.

The 2nd step:turning away the iphone and insert the
gevey sim
card collectively using the customized SIM Tray.

The 3rd step:turing away the iphone and wait around to the welcome menu.Then choose "accept"Then wait around 15seconds.

The fourth step:When you see one bar signal,dial 112 and press the phone key.Then wait around for 2seconds,press the complete key.Then phone does not should be connected.

Then turn on airplane mode.

The sixth step:After about 40 seconds you wii see"No sim card installed,you can now turn away airphone mose.You wii see sim failure click ok and disregard the message.

The 7 step:Your iphone now will lookup for the carrier signal.Wait a moment in time as well as your iphone could be unlock.

The last step:Please repeat the steps 3 to 7 if you obtain the fail message.

How did the
iphone jailbreak

SIM card holds many different types of information, however the element most integrated with carrier lock could possibly be the IMSI number, which could be genuinely a specific code that corresponds for the account all through the cellular carrier’s database.

A sample IMSI might look like this 310 150 987654321

The first two segments are known as Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) respectively, and in the example above the IMSI indicate the SIM is from USA (310) AT&T (150).

When the iPhone baseband is loaded into memory, it checks the MCC and MNC against its own network lock state stored in the seczone. If the combination is allowed, the cell radio is activated and vice versa.The earliest iPhone baseband revisions only check IMSI twice following a restart, therefore it is very easy to send spoof information in order to bypass the check. Nevertheless, the baseband was soon updated to validate SIM more aggressively and the method soon became obsolete.

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