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Ibook Firewire

January 6th, 2007

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For which generation of iBooks does this battery work for?

Hi, im trying to buy a new iBook battery and its model number is M7426 and im wondering for which generations of iBooks is this compatible with and what the clear plastic thing at the end of it is for and if its removable.
Thank you

I found it is compatible with these systems...
iBook 1999 MODELiBook 2000 MODELiBook Blueberry Series
iBook CLAMSHELLiBook FireWire SeriesiBook G3 12 M7720LL/A
iBook G3 12 M7721LL/AiBook Graphite SeriesiBook Indigo Series
iBook Lime Green SeriesiBook M2453iBook Tangerine Series
M2453 iBookPowerBook G4 12 M8760LL/A

I'm also pretty sure the plastic thing is not removable.

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