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December 27th, 2005

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How much would you value this llll.com domain?

Hi everyone!

I have this great llll.com domain: NVMX.com which I would like to sell. To be honest I don't know how much to ask for it. What price would you recommend me to start the bid?

Thanks in advance!

The good - short and a .com
The bad - not pronounceable, not at acronym for anything I can think of, not all premium letters.

It is a llll.com though.

Some recent sales as a starting point

BIFUcom $1,801Dec 09
FULO com $4,505Dec 09
EZYY com $1,555Nov 09
Heurcom $757Nov 09
WWDW com $398Nov 09
CLLW com $70Nov 09
VUPO com $927Nov 09
ISCTcom $4,500Nov 09
EZUU com $116Nov 09
QIII com $700Nov 09
NYPY com $141Nov 09
MIELcom $15,000Nov 09
MDOH com $150Nov 09
ACIFcom $2,100Nov 09
CAGR com $2,000Nov 09
CBAM com $7,000Nov 09
IERPcom $2,000Nov 09

Good luck with your sale.

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