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February 18th, 2009

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Your Competition Is Using These Magnetic Recruiting Techniques To Steal Your Best Prospects

Imagine what your life would look like if you only talked to prospects who CALLED YOU.  Go ahead.  Picture it! Now pictures this. There are thousands of people out there living that life right now.  Not having to chase after people who aren't even interested in some story. You're probably finding that recruiting is getting tougher and tougher.  Everybody's using the same scripts, going to the same seminars, and reading the same publications. More and more people have been trained to recognize your "scripts" and are quick to get defensive when you open your mouth. 10 seconds into your conversation with a potential prospect they blurt out - "is this a pyramid scam?!?!" If you want any of this to change you're going to have to think outside the box.  Do things a little differently. If you keep doing what you've been doing up to this point, you're sure to get the same mediocre results. Your going to have to find a way to replace all that grunt work.  Hammering call lists, buying leads, and prospecting strangers probably isn't the reason you got into this industry anyway. So picture a system that sends only SEND YOU high quality prospects to speak with.  That's what the Magnetic Sponsoring System will do for you.  Using this sytem you can change everything. Get instant access here: http://www.currentmarketculture.net (copy and paste and link into your browser) This is no pipe dream. A system like Magnetic Sponsoring will help you replace all that old-fashioned grunt work taught to you by your upline.  And you'll be able to have your prospects automatically filtered - so only qualified leads are calling you; so there are no more meetings with poor candidates. All you'll need to do is show up to the interviews! So you're probably thinking - "what's the catch?" Well...there IS a catch. The catch is that you have to work the system, be coach-able, and stay consistent.  If you're looking for a "magic" system that's going to automatically find you prospects just because you tried it for 1 day, then this is NOT for you. Please, DO NOT opt into this Magnetic recruiting system if you are looking for cheap shortcuts. But, if you're ready to think outside the box and discover the secrets of having qualified prospects CALL YOU instead of you badgering them, then go ahead and click the link. http://www.currentmarketculture.net (copy and paste and link into your browser) My best, Chuk.

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