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August 9th, 2005

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what is a "port number" on a panasonic dbs phone system?

The port number is either a physical or logical number related to an extention on a Panasonic DBS system. The physical port is were the wires that run to your desk connect to the phone system. Ext. 100 generally connects to port 00, ext. 101 to port 01 etc.. Logicals are where the extention is located in the software of the system.

If you are ext. 105 in your office and want to move to "Bill's" old office because it's bigger but want to keep the same mailbox and ext number and his old ext. is 110, then I will remote access the phone system via modem and do a "Logical Swap" with 105 and 110. Presto-Chango- your phone is now working in "Bill's" old office and your speed dials and voicemail are all there working too! Now wasn't that $85.00 Rmat fee worth it?

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