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Pio Capacitors

May 4th, 2011

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A guideline about radio control helicopter capacitors

There are many capacitors that determine the radio and circuits of every radio control helicopter. The electrolyte is an important one. This type of capacitor is fixed polarity, i.e. only works correctly when an external voltage applied to the positive terminal that is attached to the cover sheet of aluminum oxide and the negative to the other. Tolerances range from 10% (up 330UF capacitors) and 20% for higher capacities.

Its main application is related to the filtering AC components in power supplies, and low-frequency filters. If you submit an electrolytic capacitor to a voltage, it will be substantially greater than that corresponding to their type, it can explode. This is because the electrolyte changes from liquid to gas, and pressure inside the container holding the armor increases significantly, causing the destruction of the component.

Tantalum Capacitors

A variation on the previous model is the radio control helicopter tantalum capacitor, where the aluminum sheets are replaced by sheets of that metal. It uses a dry electrolyte, and is distinguished by a very low electrical noise.

Polyester capacitors are widely used, since among its most important characteristics are high resistance insulation allows you to keep the load for long periods of time, a small volume and an excellent performance against moisture and temperature variations. Additionally, the property allows self-healing in case of excessive tension on the drill, the metal is vaporized in a small area around the hole avoiding short, allowing it to continue operating.

The materials used are: polystyrene, polyester, polycarbonate and Teflon. They are manufactured in the form of coils or multi layers. They are manufactured from 1nF to 100uF capacities and voltages from 25V to 4000V. They are distinguished by their bright colors, usually red, yellow or blue. You can ask at rc hobby forums or browse online, too.

Capacitors in parallel

If we connect each
radio control helicopter
capacitor in parallel, the total capacity is equal to the sum of individual capacities. This is quite intuitive to understand, since in this configuration the total size of reinforcement encountered is the sum of the sizes of the opposing armor.

Variable Capacitors

Finally, there are radio control helicopter capacitors with variable capacitance, usually constructed of aluminum, with a dielectric which is usually air, but also use mica or plastic. Structurally armor consists of two parallel plates made of metal that are inserted into each other when acted upon a shaft. This produces a change in the surface of the armor that are opposite, and thus the capacitance change. Are used for example to vary the frequency at which a radio works amplitude modulation.

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