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October 1st, 2009

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How to drink healthy in travel?

Drink healthy in travel is related to your travel quality and your health. When you are in travel, you’d better stick some rules to drink healthy. Otherwise, you will be sick and fatigue which will make your travel bad and your body suffer pain. How to drink healthy in travel and enjoy the travel ? I will give you some advice to make your travel comfortable, healthy and smooth. 1.    It is very necessary to drink some weak brine. In the long journey, you have to walk for a long time, it’s easy to sweat and the sweat takes away many inorganic salts, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. Therefore, to drink some weak brine is very necessary to supply body needs and prevent electrolytes disturbance. 2.    In the journey, drink many times with little volume, you can’t drink fiercely but divide to drink many times. It’s better to drink no more than one liter per hour, each with 100 to 150 milliliter advisable and interval for one hour. 3.    Pay attention to the temperature of the water. In summer, the body usually has a high temperature, if you drink large amount of cold drinks will be cause digestive disease easily, because the cold drinks will cause the intestines and stomach blood cycle accelerate and make them relative ischemia. So it is better to drink ten degrees Celsius water which can achieve the best cooling thirst. 4.    Add sugar water moderate is very necessary. In the journey, you have to make violent sports and consume large amounts of heat, the sugar which store in body can’t meet the needs of sports. Therefore, take part in large amount of exercise or sports for a long time, you should complement the body energy consumption timely. In addition, you’d better not drink the wild water in travel.

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