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April 8th, 2008

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HP RDX Backup Cartridge System Elevates The Data Security Level For Small Businesses

The RDX is basically a disc-based storage format engineered as a replacement for tape storage. For small and medium businesses, the solution for dependable, economical, user friendly and high performance backup is the HP-branded RDX cartridge technology. It is the perfect solution for the evolving backup demands and commercial applications. HP RDX cartridge technology offers the widest range of media storage capacity.

With its combined features of hard disk and the tape format, data storage and archival with HP RDX disk format is reliable, secure and very simple. Continuous data protection software is an innovative and high-performance feature incorporated in HP RDX disc cartridge system, with the help of which operator interventions are strictly reduced thus providing secure and reliable automated backups. The HP docking system is forward and also backward compatible with all the HP RDX disks. This unique multi-generational interoperability further adds to its superior and cost saving attributes.

There is variety of recording capacities for the HP RDX cartridges 160, 320, 500 and 750GB, whereas the highest storage capacity of HP RDX cartridge is 1 terabyte. The RDX technology also provides random file access along with the drag and drop functionality, enabling the customers to seamlessly restore their critical business files within seconds. In addition, the HP RDX cartridge also enables efficient performance of backup operations at an incredible speed of 108GB/hr. In order to assure vigorous data protection against natural disasters and site destruction, the back-up data should be stored off-site.

HP RDX cartridges are specially designed for long term data protection and are highly resistant against rough handlings and mechanical shocks. The cartridge can withstand a drop of 3 feet/1 meter. Therefore the HP RDX cartridges are easily portable, whereas the RDX docking station can easily be connected with the host as an internal unit or externally as a table top. The host system assigns it a letter drive as the HP RDX cartridge is inserted. HP RDX cartridge has a working life of 5000 load-unload intersections, and 10,000 load-unload cycles with the HP docking station.

Following are the part numbers for the HP RDX backup cartridges:

HP RDX 1 TB cartridge, Q2044A

HP RDX 750 GB cartridge, Q2043A

HP RDX 500 GB cartridge, Q2042A

HP RDX 320 GB cartridge, Q2041A

HP RDX 160 GB cartridge, Q2040A

The HP RDX cartridge doesn’t require expensive up-gradation for the future generation RDX disc cartridges, so the customers don’t need to replace the HP docking station when the future generation HP RDX cartridge is released. With the removable RDX cartridges the HP docking station is forward and backward compatible, and also USB interface is offered by the HP docking station. The installation process is further eased by rack mount configuration and USB connectivity options.

The HP RDX cartridge technology enables data storage to be easy, convenient, cost efficient and reliable due to its random data accessibility. Moreover HP also provides technical support and services which are as reliable and as affordable as the HP products.

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