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June 25th, 2012

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Cheaper than Amazon, Walmart, Target, ebay?

Amazon, ebay, Walmart, and Target have become known for discount dealson merchandise, but is there another giant lurking in the shadows? Youwill be surprised! Yes, indeed, there actually might be a new online discount store poisedto bull-doze all these supposed giants in retail. True to my usualinquisitiveness, I started a campaign to research the new best deal ononline retail websites. I started off comparing prices on Walmart,ebay, Target, and Amazon. I was trying to figure out which of these isthe real discount store. I could not really come to a definitiveconclusion because on certain items, these stores all pricedifferently. Sometimes Walmart is cheaper on certain items than Amazon,and other times vice versa. Okay so I had an idea and I decided togoogle the term "dotcom savings" to find out which dotcom stores havethe most savings- makes sense right? So I clicked on the first resultfrom google. I was led to this website http://www.dotcomsavings.com. At first glance, I was taken aback by the design of the website. It isnot as flashy as target or amazon's website (which is what I have cometo be used to). It was just a simple white background site withproducts listed clearly and priced clearly. The first product thatcaught my eye on the site was the Evenflo 3801831 Triumph Advance DLXConvertible Car Seat. Well, this is because I have a kid on the way andI am trying to shop for kids stuff. This kids car seat was priced at$109.99. This is the link so you can see it for yourself:http://www.dotcomsavings.com/product/6414_m/index/Evenflo-3801831-Triumph-Advance-DLX-Convertible-Car-Seat-Parkside-903206414M.html.So I said hmmm, not bad but I want to compare it to amazon, target,ebay and walmart. So the first comparison was with amazon. Amazonlisted the same product at a whopping $139.00. That is $20 more than itis selling for on http://www.dotcomsaving.com! This is the link toAmazon: http://bit.ly/7JF00. Okay so I go ahead and try ebay. Theprices on ebay ranged from $129.00 to a staggering $163.00! This is thelink to ebay so you can see it for yourself: http://bit.ly/uCw01.Walmart also had it listed for $124.88. This is the link:http://nux.cc/d63pgy. All these stores pride themselves on low prices,but as you can see, it is not low enough! www.dotcomsavings.com is thelowest! From the above research, you can clearly see thathttp://www.dotcomsavings.com was far cheaper than their competitorsebay, amazon, target and walmart. Time will not permit me to tell youabout more comparisons that I made on www.dotcomsavings.com. All in all, at the end of my research, http://www.dotcomsavings.com wasthe cheapest online retailer on the world wide web. It most definitelybeats amazon, ebay, target, and walmart by far! Don't waste your money.Why pay more when you can have the same thing for less? Go ahead,google dotcom savings and click on the first result and see foryourself.

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