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Target Sony

October 12th, 2007

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In light of the PS3 and the PSN issues, do we have a right to hack our consoles ?

I assume most people know some hacker group is targeting Sony over the Jail Break and its creator George "geohot" Hotz so do we have a right to hack or use programs like JB on our consoles !

I honestly feel once you purchase a console, it's yours to do with as you wish but I also think there's a fine line that can't be crossed !

If you went out and bought a stock 2011 camaro and you decided to "hack" the engine by adding on parts to get more HP, does Chevy have the right to prevent you from doing that just because they didn't intend for the car to have 500HP ?

If you raced a guy with a stock 2011 Camaro and you run clean past him due to your car having upgrades, is that cheating ?

The whole situation is dicey at best ! What can and cannot be done to products we buy if we decide to add things to them that makes them better !

Can Sony prevent you from running Linux if you want to run LInux via an alternative source on a PS3 you bought and paid full !

Rudy for your information I do not own a JB or any other cheat device ! I'm saying that as an owner of a console, it's yours once you pay for it ! Sony, MS and Nintendo are basically entrusting their technology to anyone who owns their consoles ! I'm sure GEOHOT isn't the only hacker who has hacked the PS3 ! he just made the mistake by sharing his hacks with the world !

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