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Tooth Adapter

February 24th, 2014

how can i enable bluetooth acer 2420?

Blue tooth adapter is built-in in your Acer laptop. If you installed its driver properly, then it will work. I saw it from the Acer techsite that you need to update its driver if you upgraded from earlier version to Windows Vista. Or if you are not using MS OS, then try to determine whether its driver is installed properly. If it is "green" then just enable it by power it on using its manual switch (if theres any). Refer to the manual if you can not locate the switch. Usually built-in bluetooths have manual switches and by default, they are turned-off during boot time. This is normal since, manufacturer's do not want to interfere with other radio signals emitted by another blue tooth device as a means of enhanced wireless security. It's up for the user to enable it when the need arise.

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