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Unlimited Cpanel

June 11th, 2013

What is the best unlimited cPanel hosting provider out there?

I need to know what the best provider is for unlimited web hosting that has cPanel not another control panel. I am also looking for a low price, but high-quality, fast, etc.

I've used a bunch of hosts over the past several years: Brinkster, GoDaddy, Lunarpages, WebHostingBuzz, 1and1, HostGator, and HostMonster. Of those, I believe only HostGator and HostMonster are unlimited, but that's not really necessary... you'll probably never hit the limits on many of the other hosts, and unlimited doesn't truly mean unlimited. It just means "as much as you want, within reason," which is pretty much what the others are offering anyway.

Of all the hosts I've used so far, HostMonster has been a the winner. Reasons why they're awesome:
- Excellent server speed and uptime
- 24/7 phone and webchat support
- Reasonably priced
- Unlimited

When I say unlimited, I mean more than just unlimited space and bandwidth. I also mean that what you are able to do isn't limited at all. I have SSH access enabled. I have 20+ domains on one account. Htaccess and php.ini settings are reasonably adjustable. It just seems that whatever I aim to do, I am always able to accomplish it on my HostMonster account.

Admittedly, HostGator and HostMonster are very similar in terms of all of the things that I raved about for HostMonster. HostGator also has fantastic, support, pricing, and freedom. The choice was really a close one, but this is why I give my support to HostMonster. For one, HostGator's servers seem to hang every so often when you try to access a page and you will have to refresh. It gets very annoying very fast. It seems to happen on every single one of my HostGator accounts lately. I have more than 12 of them.

The other deal breaker... you can download automatically generated backups for free on HostMonster, but with HostGator there is a $15 charge. This is a pretty small issue, but backups come in very handy if you make some mistake and ruin a database on your site or something. With HostMonster, you can be up and running again in minutes. With HostGator, $15 and a few hours later, you'll get your stuff back.

Just a quick note, STAY AWAY from GoDaddy and 1and1. But those aren't cPanel hosts so you probably weren't going to go with those anyway. Just a warning to anyone else out there who might be reading this.

But anyway... there's my opinion. You will probably be happy with either HostGator or HostMonster, but I recommend HostMonster. There is a signup link below if you're interested. Yes, I am an affiliate and that is my affiliate link, but I hope it is obvious that I'm not endorsing HostMonster to make a quick buck. I could have just as easily given you an affiliate link for any of the above hosts. I have an affiliate account with HostMonster because I recommend them so often to so many people. If you do end up choosing HostMonster, I would really appreciate it if you did use the link.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you luck on your hosting adventures!


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